Electric Tow Tractor
Main characteristics

²         Italy imported drive unit, reliable and stable, easy maintenance

²         Original Curtis(US) electronic controller, self protection, maintenance free, excellent performance

²         AC drive motor, no carbon brush, maintenance free, good startup performance on ramp

²         Original Curtis(US) indicator, showing all status and self diagnosis

²         Regenerative braking system, energy saving and longer working time

²         PU wheels, speed mode optional, self-stop on ramp without brake


  Model     QE30  
  Operating type     ride-on  
  Maximum Drawbar Pull    N(kg) 3000(300)  
  Towed weight kg 3000  
  Chassis width A mm 750  
  Turning radius (outside) B mm 1350  
  Overall height C mm 1100  
  Overall length D mm 1490  


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